Mineokamaki is a bamaki (horse pasture) on the ridges and slopes of the Mineoka Mountains, located on the south of Chiba Prefecture. In the late Edo period, it consisted of the Mineokamaki and Hashiragimaki which each had five divisions. The area of the maki (pasture) was approximately 1,750 ha and around 600 horses and shiraushi (white cows) imported by Hachidai Shogun Yoshimune were bred on the ridges and slopes which spread for 15 km lengthwise from east to west, and dairy products were produced. It is said to be the birthplace of dairy farming in Japan as the Shogun Yoshimune purchased three Indian white cows from the Netherlands and bred them in Mineokamaki to produce hakugyuraku (a cheese-like dairy product) using the milk from those cows. Following the Meiji Restoration, the new government took over and in the midst of Japan’s Westernization movement, Mineokamaki shifted its focus from breeding horses to rearing dairy cattle. The Mineoka area is a great modern dairy farm. Mineokamaki is located in a mountainous area and was exempt from the change in topography through cultivation so several generations of the remains of maki are still there.

Recommend Spots

Uomizuka Issenba Park

Theme: History

This a place with a history. Minamoto no Yoritomo who lost the battle of Ishibashiyama fled to Awa and won the battle against a powerful clan of this area at this very place. In the park, you can exercise together with children in facilities such as the gymnasium and tennis courts, and on open grass areas. You can also see the nomadote (an embankment made to manage wild horses) of Mineokamaki and kido.

Kamogawa City Local Museum

Theme: Culture

A collection and display of approximately 9,000 local materials and cultural heritage which show the lives of people in the olden times of Kamogawa. There is a section with artworks collected by Mikio Mizuta, a former Minister of Finance who is a local. There are also special exhibitions of the poet Koizumi Chikashi and ranma engraver Nami no Ihachi. In addition, the Cultural Property Center displays artefacts excavated from archaeological sites in the city and is worth seeing.

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